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Landscape Design

Whether you have existing landscape beds and shrubbery or have none at all we will work with you to improve the look of your property and home. Even if you’re thinking of selling your home, you can increase your property’s value before you put it on the market! A beautiful outdoor space creates an impactful first impression on potential buyers.

Perhaps some or all of your existing plants and shrubs are over-grown or not doing well, we can help design a partial or full replacement at a reasonable price.

  • Remove any undesirable plants
  • Reconfigure the beds and add new plants
  • Select various ground covers (mulch / stone)
  • Change the look of your landscape and home affordably

If you have no existing plants and shrubs, we can design attractive beds with various evergreens or flowering perennial plants.

  • Select from dozens of beautiful new evergreen and flowering plants
  • Choose one of today’s modern flowering trees that remain a modest size even when fully mature
  • Incorporating different trees, shrubs and flowering plants we can create a truly remarkable landscape for your home
  • Select various ground covers (mulch / stone)
  • We will guide you through every step of your landscape design—from conception to completion
Landscape Design: Pergola


Your landscaping, shrubs and plants need proper maintenance to thrive and remain beautiful. If your landscape beds and plants look tired or overgrown, we can help. If the ground around your shrubs is bare or covered in weeds, we can help.

  • Clear weeds
  • Cut new edge where your lawn meets the beds
  • Bring in new mulch or other ground cover
  • Trim back hedges, shrubs and plants that are over grown or have lost their desired shape
  • Add new plants if there are gaps between existing plants or replace any that have died

Whether your landscape is in the process of development or complete, maintenance is always an excellent investment. We will make your outdoor space look attractive and inviting at affordable rates.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Make sure your landscape remains tidy through spring and fall with our cleanup services…

Spring clean-up…

  • Remove any remaining leaves that are matted down around and under your plants and shrubs
    • Many perennials need these removed to promote new growth
  • Pick-up and remove twigs and larger debris from trees that may have fallen in your yard over the winter
  • Prune and remove any broken branches within shrubs to allow new growth to begin with the growing season

Fall clean-up…

  • Remove leaves
  • End-of-season pruning before the weather turns
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